Are You Still Suck At Base Camp? ⛰️

Perhaps you’re procrastinating about your fitness journey – delying taking that first step

Unsure of the unknown, unsure of exactly HOW you’re going to get from A to B

I often feel that way

Only yesterday I had to (reluctantly) venture into the unknown, which, for me, typically goes one of two ways: 1️⃣ A breakthrough, or 2️⃣ A breakdown 😂

Here’s the story …

Many months ago, I was invited to a wedding in early December, which means dressing up “smart” 🙄

Now, I know that might not sound like a big deal. But, for me, it’s MASSIVE 🙈

You see, I find trying on clothes triggering. I always have. Nothing ever fits. Nothing ever looks “right”. I feel uncomfortable. I don’t like mirrors. It makes me feel rubbish about myself. I get upset. I avoid it at all costs 😕

Trying on clothes is a miserable process for me. I would genuinely go as far as saying it’s my least favorite thing in the world – ESPECIALLY when there’s pressure to look “smart” 😖

For this reason, I usually decline wedding invites – I’ve become very comfortable doing this over the years 😂

But this time it’s different. This is one of my best friend’s weddings. I need to be there. I want to be there.

The trouble is, I haven’t worn anything smart for about three years. I’ve barely worn anything other than my gym clothes! My wardrobe is literally dusty & damp. It’s the unknown. It’s “no-man’s land”. I’m genuinely a little scared of what’s in it 😆

Safe to say I’ve been anxious as shite & dreading the thought of tackling this

Fearful of the unknown, I’d been putting it off for months!

The safe option would have been to avoid taking action. That would have been easier. I wouldn’t have to face my demons. But, in doing so, I’d miss something that’s actually really important to me. And, perhaps, damage an important friendship.

I knew that if I didn’t take the bull by the horns, soon, it would be too late. And I know I’d regret it.

So, yesterday, I did it. And, you know what, it went ok 🙏

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the process, but I had a mini breakthrough – I found some clothes that I felt were passable as “smart-ish”. And that’s all I wanted.

Sure, I need to source a few more items. And I’m not 100% how to make that happen yet! But I’ll work it out.

What’s important is I took the first step. The process is underway. The first hurdle is over. And now I’m on to the second 🙌

Provided I keep going, I’ll get to where I want to be, and I’ll make it to the wedding 😁

And, you know what, I feel really proud of myself for getting started

If you’re putting off starting your fitness journey because you’re scared of the unknown, then I totally understand. It’s totally normal. It’s called being human.

I would love to help you take those first steps 👊

I promise you that, if you do, the rest of the staircase will become visible

Stay awesome & keep going! ✌️


GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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