What The Heck Is Wrong With People 😂

We scramble for short cuts & easy wins

We spend SO much time ploughing our energy & money into quick fixes – usually without ever sustaining meaningful progress 🙈

Yet, if we were to just pause

Take a step back

See the bigger picture

We would realise that if we focus on taking things slow & steady – i.e. keeping consistent & building on our successes – then we’d get from A to B infinitely faster, more cheaply. more enjoyably & and more efficiently

➡️ When we stop dieting …
➡️ When we stop over exercising …
➡️ When we stop cutting carbs & seeking short-term solutions …
➡️ When we stop running our body into the ground …
➡️ When we stop believing in “good” and “bad” foods …
➡️ When we ditch unrealistic expectations …
➡️ When we FINALLY realise that the weight-loss industry is lying to us

✅ And when we start focusing on getting stronger, feeding our body well, and being consistent (not perfect), we’ll start seeing results – I promise


Because sustainable results only come with a sustainable mindset & sustainable approach

Whereas quick fixes are aggressive & extreme. It’s never long before we quit from being so damn miserable 😆

I’m not saying this process is supposed to be easy

It’s not

But it’s MUCH easier and more enjoyable when you’re operating from a place of positivity & empowerment rather than frustration & despair

Have a great week


Stay awesome & keep going! ✌️


GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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