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Hi! I’m Luke

I empower self-reflective people with the skills, knowledge & confidence to look & feel their best year after year

My four-pronged attack of training, nutrition, lifestyle & mindset has helped hundreds of people to …

  • Feel strong & empowered with a mindset & body shape they never thought possible
  • Sustain their behaviour & progress long-term with new habits, knowledge & skills
  • Challenge the barriers that prevent them from being the people they want to be

In this eBook, you will learn …

Why you want fat loss – and not weight loss

The 6 key pillars for fat-loss success

The secret to sustaining your progress long-term

How fat loss actually works – no more confusion!

How to get started on your fat-loss journey

This ebook is for you if …

You’re trying to burn fat & tone up

You want more control of your calorie intake

You want to move beyond quick fixes

You want to improve your food knowledge

You want the tools to sustain your progress

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