Provided we’re on track with our nutrition, as the weeks roll by, we’ll steadily burn away fat to reveal a new body shape. Creating this new shape is the primary focus of our training strategy.

Strength Training Over Cardio

Regular strength training is fundamental for fat loss. Regular cardio is not. Here’s why …

  • Muscle preservation – In a caloric deficit, the body may resort to breaking down muscle tissue for energy. Regular strength training acts as a safeguard against this, preserving valuable muscle mass.
  • Body shaping strength training allows us to shape, shape & sculpt our body in a way that other forms of exercise simply cannot match.

Since we can create a calorie deficit via nutrition alone, cardio is not essential for fat loss. However, since cardio is a great tool for enhancing heart-health, mental health & cardiovascular fitness – plus the calories it burns are useful!I almost always advise doing some cardio. The key is finding something you enjoy: walking, swimming, classes, cross-trainer – whatever floats your boat.

Getting You Stronger

Preserving muscle in a calorie deficit hinges on getting you stronger. Strength gains are the driver for improvements in body shape.

Getting stronger is a methodical & empowering process. In essence, it involves learning how to lift progressively heavier weights for more repetitions without sacrificing technique.

For maximum impact, all our training sessions are planned, progressive & logged.

I typically prioritise compound movements such as squats, hinges, bridges, pulls, pushes, carries & core exercises – the ‘big lifts’ that recruit multiple muscle groups. While there are no shortcut to getting strong, polishing & practising these fundamental movements will put us firmly in the fast lane.

Safe & Effective Methods

Whilst gym equipment is widely available, knowledge on how to train safely & effectively remains scarce. The barrier to entry for trainers is low, online resources are often unreliable, and the science is forever evolving: trustworthy information can be hard to find.

My training methods are the culmination of nearly 20 of education and refinement. In that time I’ve made all the mistakes in the book – I have both the stories & injuries to show for it haha!

I take immense pride in delivering top-tier coaching to hone your skills and get you feeling confident in the weights area.

Safe & effective strength training is a science and an art. It’s an area I’m particularly passionate about. If you’re keen to acquire the knowledge for a lifetime of strength-training success, I’m your guy.

Foundation Building

Whether you’re stepping into the gym for the first time or a seasoned lifter, I’ll meet you where you’re at. I always lay down solid foundations before coaching you through each progression at your own pace. Prior to any heavy lifting, I will ensure that you …

  • Undergo a comprehensive movement assessment to identify any areas of concern
  • Receive bespoke programmes for Buzz Gym & at home
  • Are able to brace & breathe effectively
  • Are able to stabilise & execute effectively
  • Can connect with & engage target muscles
  • Understand the Effective Reps Model for preserving / building muscle
  • Have developed a base level of strength & body awareness

Rest assured, you’ll always know why we’re doing what we’re doing. And I’ll always ensure you’re in your learning zone – and never in your panic zone!

Setting Expectations

Whilst skill & strength gains can happen quickly, building muscle is a slower process – especially if we’re in a calorie deficit.

If fat loss takes weeks, muscle building takes months. And, of course, we must first acquire the skills to train effectively before muscle building can begin.

Learning to lift is a process. I’ll be with you every step of the way, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy the ride.

For me, strength training is life changing. I’m always amazed at how gains made in the gym empower my clients in other areas of their lives. I’ve observed countless times how the ripple effects of improved strength & confidence spread far & wide.

Benefits of Strength Training

To Summarise

When it comes to training, I promise you …

  • No more anxiety around not knowing what you’re doing
  • No more fear that you’ll end up embarrassing yourself
  • No more worrying about what other people might be thinking
  • No more concerns that you might injure yourself at the gym
  • No more frustration that you might be wasting your time
  • No more confusion about how to use the machines & free weights
  • Clarity & confidence to train safely & effectively on your own

Results-focused, time-effective, bespoke, achievable & empowering programmes – and all without a single burpee in sight!

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