What gets measured gets managed. What gets managed gets improved.

The Importance of Tracking

Progress tracking and fat-loss success go hand-in-hand. Here’s why …

  • Informed Decision Making – it ensures our decision making is based on logic – and not emotion
  • Objective Feedback – it provides us with data on whether our or not our strategy is working
  • Evidence of Success – it gives us a reason to celebrate, which can be marvellously motivating!

If we’re progressing as we’d hope – great! Full steam ahead, we carry on as we are. But, crucially, if we’re not, then tracking ensures we’re agile enough to swiftly change course.

Ultimately, tracking puts us in control of the process. If we’re not tracking, we’re just guessing – and we’re at risk of getting lost.

Case Study – Mrs S.

Meet Mrs S – a time-poor professional in her mid 50s. Her top priorities were her career and family. Maintaining a high level performance as a mum & entrepreneur was key to her happiness. She didn’t want to feel hungry, tired or miserable. She didn’t want to feel like she was “on a diet”.

By practising moderation, we ensured a high quality of life throughout. As her energy improved, her performance increased in all areas of her life.

Mrs S burned 20kg of body fat steadily over a twelve-month period. She’s now stronger, shapelier, healthier & happier – and sustainably so! We were only able to achieve these results due to her commitment to tracking, and the informed conversations we were able to have as a result. Make no mistake, tracking works.

Your Progress Tracker

Your Progress Tracker is our Mission Control. When it comes to “bossing the process”, it is our roadmap to success.

It lays out all the key fat-loss behaviours that we want to control and form systems around. Steps, calories, protein & daily weigh-ins to name a few!

The amount of data we track is totally your call. Naturally, the more we track, the more control we have – but we always choose what’s “achievable” over what’s “optimal”. We always set you up for success!

Whilst there’s no quick fix for fat loss, taking control of the key components in your tracker will significantly speed up the process.

Tracking Bodyweight

Where weight loss is about losing weight, fat loss is about burning fat, building muscle, being healthy & feeling awesome. Since none of these are measured by scale weight, why track it? Whilst not our solo measure of success, tracking bodyweight is still useful on a fat-loss journey. Here’s why …

  • It’s a convenient way to acquire data on whether or not we’re in a calorie deficit
  • Daily tracking gives us accountability
  • Slow & steady weight loss – alongside strength training – indicates we’re burning fat and not muscle.

We’re not interested in the number itself. We’re not interested in daily fluctuations. We’re interested in whether the weekly average is decreasing steadily over time. That said, if the scales aren’t good for your mental health, I totally understand. Tracking bodyweight isn’t compulsory.

Testing Our Goals

Whatever our goals – whether they fall under appearance, physical health, mental health or self mastery – we will always consider testing them.

Not only is evidence of success motivating, but deadlines can also be useful for keeping us accountable. To this end, every 12 weeks, we use the following methods to measure our milestones …

  • Appearance – progress photos, Boditrax machine, circumference measurements
  • Mental Health – psychometric tests for anxiety, depression, self-esteem & stress
  • Physical Health – strength test, fitness tests & blood pressure
  • Self Mastery – psychometric tests around self-efficacy & perspective shifts

To Summarise

  • No more getting lost in no-mans land
  • No more overlooking your wins
  • No more ducking out of accountability
  • No more feeling disorganised
  • No more losing track of where you’re at

Seize total control of your fat-loss journey with my streamlined tracking systems. Lifestyle, nutrition, mindset & training – I’ve got it all covered!

I know exactly what you need to do in order to get the results that you want.

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