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Interesting one this one ? I’m often asked about dietary supplements – particularly those of the “magical fat-burning” variety ??

But what exactly ARE supplements?

“Supplements” are exactly that! They are tablets, capsules, soft-gels, bars, liquids or powders designed to SUPPLEMENT our normal diet

Whilst SOME supplements are taken to treat specific deficiencies (e.g. joint support) …

… MOST are taken more generally – to ensure adequate intake of nutrients

Whilst they CAN certainly be convenient – particularly if we don’t have control of our food environment. Indeed, having a few protein bars in my bag has saved me making less goal-supportive food choices on COUNTLESS occasions ?

And whilst protein shakes might be a cost-effective & convenient way to hit our daily protein-intake requirements ?


… provided we’re eating plenty of healthy foods – think fruit ?, veggies ?, lean proteins ?, healthy fats ? & whole grains ? – MOST of us will be able to reach almost all of our nutritional requirements from real food – without the need to supplement

It’s also well documented that over-supplementing can lead to expensive urine – as our body will pass out anything above what it requires.

So … are any supplements worth taking!?

The short answer is YES

BUT… since the industry is so loosely regulated, wading through the marsh of misleading marketing claims can be hard work! To help you better navigate, the supplements listed in the table below have strong supporting evidence (source: Shredded By Science) ⬇️

PROTEIN POWDERS // to increase protein intake

VITAMIN D3 // to improve bone health

CAFFEINE // to improve mental alertness, focus & power output

CREATINE // to improve power output & strength

CURCUMIN  // highly anti-inflammatory

FISH OIL  // for general health & to reduce inflammation

MULTIVITAMIN  // for general health

MAGNESIUM  // to improve sleep quality

FAT BURNERS // e.g. skinny teas, ephedrine, fat-burning pills

Note that fat burners, in my opinion, are a total marketing fad. Most work by increasing body-temperature in order to burns a few extra calories. As we’ve seen, there are WAY more effective, sustainable, cheaper & safer of creating a calorie deficit! My advice: save your money ?

Keen to learn more about nutrition for fat-loss? If so, my 12-Week Re-Shaping Adventures will put you FIRMLY in the fast lane, taking you on a custom-tailored & results-driven journey towards fat-loss and body-shaping success ?

Curious to learn more? Ping me a DM and let’s have a chat ? I’d love to hear from you

Stay awesome & keep going ✌️

Stay awesome & keep going! ?

Luke x

GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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