Balancing health & fitness with the demands of modern life can be challenging. Career, relationship, family, kids, social life, other commitments – sometimes it can feel like there are just too many plates to spin!

Honestly, I get it. I know firsthand the struggle of feeling ‘out of sync’, and the frustration that comes with chasing quick fixes. From faddy diets to confusion over conflicting advice, the journey to looking & feeling your best can certainly seem like an uphill battle. Moreover, with statistics showing that 1 in 3 adults (30.7%) in the UK are now overweight, it’s clear that many people are facing the same problem. Rest assured, it really doesn’t have to be this difficult.

If you’re feeling confused & unsure about how to integrate health & fitness into your busy life, my Best Self Project provides the perfect solution. Here’s an overview …

Strategy Overview

Your path to success has three essential components:

  1. Goals what you want to achieve
  2. Process how we’re going to achieve it
  3. Identity why you want to achieve it

Here’s a quick breakdown of each …

No. 1 – Goals

I believe in the importance of setting goals. Goals offer a clear sense of direction and serve as targets to aim for.

I take goal setting seriously. At the beginning of each 12-Week Phase, we set goals in four key areas:

  • Appearance
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Self Mastery

Once our goals are set, we test them! From progress photos to Boditrax, from strength assessments to psychometric quizzes, together, we decide on how we want to measure our progress.

No. 2 – Process

The term “process” refers to the specific behaviours & actions that will get us from A to B. If we nail the process, we nail our goals – it’s that simple! A goal without a process is just a wish.

Since consistency is the cornerstone of any process, ours is both results-driven and sustainable. And whilst all fat-loss processes look the same on paper, your process will be tailored uniquely to you! Unearthing your ‘perfect process’ is a journey of experimentation & refinement built upon the following:

  • Training – to sculpt & strengthen your body
  • Nutrition – to shed fat & promote overall health
  • Lifestyle – to maintain consistency
  • Mindset – to ensure our plan is sustainable

For more detail on each, click the Best Self Project dropdown from the main toolbar.

No. 3 – Identity

‘Identity’ is the ultimate driver behind our behaviour. Identity runs deep. Identity is personal. Identity is about the person we believe we are, or, more importantly for us, the person we wish to become.

Embracing the belief that “I am in control of my health & fitness” is pivotal for success on this journey. However, truly believing these words will require evidence of success.

Above all, I am here to help you uncover this evidence. I will celebrate your victories, fuel your self belief, and cultivate a sense of belonging in the gym. Together, we will navigate towards a transformed & empowered version of you – the ‘New You’!

As the diagram shows, the more evidence of ‘New You’ we find, the more self-belief we fuel – and the more positive behaviour change we will see!

Initially, evidence of the ‘New You’ may seem minuscule. Small changes like not ordering fries with your Big Mac, nailing another rep on the row machine, or emotionally eating five Mars Bars when you’d usually eat six!

Whilst such wins might appear inconsequential, they gradually accumulate over time – each success compounding upon the last. Then, through the law of aggregation, something magic happens. We begin to witness substantial shifts in behaviour. More evidence fuels more confidence, and our behaviour becomes increasingly ‘goal supportive’.

For many clients, my primary role is helping them identify evidence of ‘New You’. Why so? Simple: because so many of us struggle to spot evidence of our success on our own.

Make no mistake, self-belief lies at the heart of long-term behaviour change.

Regardless of where you currently stand on this self-belief continuum, with me as your coach, I will show you the evidence you need to believe in yourself.

I will light your path, rewrite your narrative & lay the groundwork for a lifetime of fat-loss success.

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All you need to get started is self-awareness and a fire in your belly