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What makes me different?

Fat Loss not Weight Loss

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to looking & feeling your best is the distinction between fat loss and weight loss.

Weight loss focuses on reducing the number displayed on the bathroom scales. It doesn’t care whether the decrease comes from losing fat or losing muscle.

On the other hand, fat loss, also known as body recomposition, emphasises burning fat whilst maintaining (perhaps even building!) muscle.

If you want to look toned & shapely; if you want to feel strong & able; if you want to be able to eat more food without gaining weight; if you want to burn fat and keep it off long-term; then you want fat lossnot weight loss.

Needless to say, I’m all about fat loss, and I think you are too! 😉

Bespoke Plan of Attack

Whilst the principles of maintaining a calorie deficit, following a high-protein diet, and engaging in regular strength training might appear simple on paper, staying consistent amidst the hustle & bustle of modern life rarely straightforward. In my experience, successfully balancing fat loss alongside career demands, family commitments, social engagements, and other life priorities is where most individuals fall short over the long term.

As your coach, I go beyond merely outlining fat-loss principles – such as calculating your calorie & protein intake! My role is to seamlessly weave new behaviours into your lifestyle, in a manner that’s not only enjoyable, but also effective and sustainable.

Where generic ‘off the shelf’ plans fall short, I’ve been refining my coaching skills & asking my clients the right questions for over 10 years. Crafting a bespoke plan of attack custom tailored to you & your needs is one of the things I do best! 😁

Results-Driven Strategy

I consistency achieve exceptional results for my clients. This isn’t a coincidence, it’s the outcome of deliberate design. My Best-Self Project is both meticulously structured & methodically implemented, ensuring success through careful planning and execution.

Using tried-and-tested methods, we’ll build your plan from the ground up. We’ll leave nothing down to chance. We’ll leave no stone unturned.

Whether it’s learning how to track calories & protein, developing your training skillset, tackling emotional eating, or fine-tuning your weekly food shop! – my results-driven approach approach takes full control of every variable that could potentially impact your progress, leaving you with a comprehensive strategy for success.

Ensuring you feel like you’re making progress each week is my top priority.

Sustainable Lifestyle Change

Crash diets, faddy workouts, celebrity-endorsed gimmicks, pricey supplements & juice cleanses – sooner or later we all come to the same conclusion: short-term solutions don’t pave the way for lasting change.

Sustainable progress requires sustainable methods.

This is why I steer clear of diets and other short-term nonsense. I’m not interested in promoting suffering & sacrifice in the name of fleeting rewards.

Instead, my focus is on fostering long-term success by creating a new way of life that you genuinely enjoy. One that becomes part of who you are, and how you live your normal day-to-day life.

Holistic Approach

Anxiety, relationship issues, work stress, low confidence, family problems, illnesses & mental-health blips – all part and parcel of busy lives: obstacles are inevitable.

To ensure these challenges don’t derail your journey, developing the skills to overcome them is crucial.

To this end, my role goes beyond delivering training sessions. My approach is holistic. Our time together is collaborative. We’re a team – making decisions, reflecting, and refining together.

Make no mistake, you will face obstacles along the way. To move beyond them, I’ll want to understand how you’re feeling, I’ll want to understand what’s going on in your life, and I’ll want us to regularly reflect on your thoughts & behaviour.

Rest assured, we’ll get you great at navigating bumps in the road 🙏

Professional Service

It’s no secret that the barrier to becoming a personal trainer is low. It’s no secret that the standards of coaching & professionalism across the industry are inconsistent – or that the turnaround of fitness businesses is high. Established in 2016, I pride myself on being different.

I continuously invest in my education & business to ensure I’m able to deliver the highest quality of coaching & levels of service. Finding new & improved ways to improve my coaching practice is a process I’m fully committed to.

At the core of every client journey is high professional standards and an exceptional customer experience.

Built for Busy Lives

I understand the challenges of prioritising health & fitness amid busy schedules.

Careers, family, social life & other commitments – when we’re constantly spinning plates & short on time, I know that self care can feel like a luxury beyond reach. Perhaps you can relate?

Fret not! I’m here to meet you where you’re at. Together, we’ll create an achievable process purpose built to fit around you.

One that compliments your life and doesn’t complicate it. One that allows you to continue focusing on what’s most important to you, safe in the knowledge that your fat-loss goals are on track. And one where the ripple effects of your improved wellbeing spread far & wide – improving your performance in all areas of your life.

Personal Growth

Outsourcing your health & fitness journey to me isn’t about blindly following instructions only to revert to old habits once we part ways.

Real, lasting change requires personal growth. Whether that means developing a deeper understanding of why you think or do what you do, or acquiring more knowledge around training & nutrition, nurturing your growth lies at the core of my Programme.

How’s this for an analogy: picture yourself riding a bicycle toward your fitness goals. You’re trying different routes, encountering obstacles, and feeling increasingly frustrated as you struggle to reach your destination. I’ll provide the stabilisers to prevent you falling off in the short-term, and then I’ll provide a navigation system & new cycling skills to set you up for life.

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