If we want to burn fat, nutrition is by far our most powerful weapon. Ever heard the expression: ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet’? Well, it’s true! Here’s why …

Fat Loss Starts with Nutrition

The first rule of fat loss is creating a calorie deficit. This occurs when we consume fewer calories than our body needs, prompting it to tap into internal fuel sources such as body fat.

To sustain a deficit, managing our calorie intake from food & drink is key. Burning calories via exercise is useful too, but since it’s much easier to consume calories than burn them off, nutrition has to be our top priority. Needless to say, I take nutrition seriously! The goals are:

  1. Sustaining a calorie deficit – to burn fat
  2. Prioritising protein – to preserve / build muscle
  3. Emphasising healthy foods – to promote good health & quality of life

Let’s take a quick look at each …

Goal No. 1 – Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit is the only way to burn fat. A calorie deficit is king.

Sustaining a calorie deficit is the primary focus of our nutrition strategy. I will provide you with a ‘calorie budget’ and I will empower you with the tools to manage it.

Learning to boss your budget is a process. It does not mean sacrifice or suffering. It simply means that all food comes with a price tag in calories. Tracker apps like MyFitnessPal would help you stay on top of your spending!

No foods are off limits, you simply need to account for the calories. Yes, some foods are more budget-friendly than others. Does it make sense to make these the norm? Yes! Does that mean we need to eliminate junk food? Hell no! We are all about balance and maintaining a high quality of life.

Goal No. 2 – Protein

When it comes to spending your calories, available for purchase are three macronutrients (macros): protein, fats & carbohydrates.

If a calorie deficit is king, protein is queen. Here’s why …

  • Body Shape – protein prevents muscle loss whilst in a calorie deficit
  • Calorie Deficit – digesting protein burns more calories compared to other macros
  • Hunger Levels – protein fills us up quickly & keeps us full for longer
  • Recovery – protein helps our muscles repair after training

Suffice to say, protein is the most important macro for fat loss – yet many people overestimate their intake. As your coach, I will provide clarity on how much you need and in which foods you can find it.

Goal No. 3 – Healthy Foods

Whilst managing a calorie budget is ultimately a numbers game, calories from healthy foods come with more health benefits than calories from junk foods.

Consider 1,000 calories of fresh fish & seasonal vegetables compared to 1,000 calories of candy floss & sugary drinks, for example. Clearly, one option is more nutritious than the other.

In this sense, we might say that calories are not created equal. Of course, if we care about our health, we must prioritise healthy foods, but what’s life without the occasional indulgence!?

Enter the ’80/20 Rule’ – a simple framework that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet whilst ensuring you can still enjoy the odd indulgence. It’s simple, but it works. Remember, this is not dieting, this is sustainable lifestyle change. We need systems we can stick to long-term.

Educational Resources

Navigating the world of fat-loss nutrition can be confusing. The amount of information out there is huge and can sometimes feel overwhelming – even for me!

Trends come & go; research is forever evolving; opinions – even amongst experts – can differ hugely. Moreover, what proves effective for one individual might not work for another!

Yet, undercutting the confusion are a number of fat-loss fundamentals. Fundamentals that, if understood and put into practice, will empower you to take control of your shape & health. It’s these fundamentals – a synergy between calories, proteins, carbs, fats, strategy & behaviour change – that I’m excited to share with you over the course of my exclusive GymHippie Fat-Loss Handbooks, Recipe Books and other Educational Resources.

To Summarise

To sum up, when it comes to nutrition, I promise you …

  • No more confusion around calories
  • No more mix-ups around macros
  • No more problems with protein
  • An improved relationship with food
  • Greater clarity on fat-loss nutrition
  • An improved ability to spot fact from fiction
  • A higher perspective on spotting fact. from fiction
  • Educational resources to work through outside of sessions
  • Knowledge & skills to design, prep & portion your meals
  • Wisdom to gain a higher perspective on indulgences
  • Confidence to make goal-supportive choices in any situation.

Above all, I will provide safe environment in which we can experiment, reflect & refine together

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