Ahh mindset – so often overlooked! Now, I know mindset doesn’t have the allure of flashy routines or trendy diet plans. I know it’s not the main reason anyone hire’s a personal trainer. But, take it from me: overlooking mindset can be costly mistake.

Mindset Underpins Everything

Would you rather your progress was long-term – or short-term only?

Would you rather your progress was a sustainable feature in a balanced & healthy new lifestyle? One where you looked & felt your best year after year …

Or would you rather it was short lived – a flash in the pan, or the fleeting rewards of some ’12-week challenge’?

Yeah, I thought so! On that basis, if we care about sustaining our progress, then we must care about mindset.

It’s absolutely no coincidence that those who embrace the personal-growth side of fat loss always see better results.

Simply put: if we don’t develop the tools to implement new behaviours sustainably into our life, then our progress will be short-term only.

A sustainable fat-loss mindset is the foundation upon which we’ll build your fat-loss empire. Without one, nothing we do will last, and all progress will be temporary.

So, what does building a sustainable fat-loss mindset actually entail? Well …

  • Acquiring new fat-loss knowledge
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Chasing consistency – not perfection
  • Learning to overcome obstacles
  • Investing in habits – not motivation
  • Embracing a growth mindset
  • Taking baby steps – not giant leaps
  • Managing our emotions

Progress in these areas might not be visible, but – trust me – it will make or break your journey. Let’s take a quick look at each …

Fat-Loss Knowledge

If you find yourself unsure about how to effectively burn fat and build muscle, you’re certainly not alone. Decades of misinformation from a young & poorly-regulated fitness industry have left many of us struggling to discern fact from fiction.

In its eagerness to sell us all manner of fads & quick fixes, the fitness industry has kept us ignorant of the basic principles that underpin fat loss.

As a result, there’s now an illusion of complexity around something that is, in fact, fairly straightforward.

But where can we turn for reliable information? Instead of wading through the sea of conflicting advice on Google, I will cut through the codswallop and empower you with a clear understanding of how fat loss truly works.


When it comes to behaviour change, those who know themselves are always more consistent. Why is this? Simple put, they know what they need to succeed.

For instance, consider someone who thrives on variety & spontaneity and hates sticking to a plan. A blind spot here may hinder their ability to establish the structure necessary to form habits. Another example might be the emotional eater totally unaware of their triggers.

Make no mistake, a lack of self-awareness can hold us back – potentially for a lifetime!

Whether it’s gaining greater clarity on your character or better understanding your emotions, self-reflection & improved self-awareness lies at the heart of my Programme.

Overcoming Obstacles

Life is full of unexpected challenges: illness, that time of the month, mental-health struggles, work stress, relationship issues, travel the list goes on. In the midst of our busy lives, obstacles are inevitable.

To keep our strategy achievable, I make sure that setbacks are part of the plan! Why? Because, the real issue with obstacles is never the obstacle itself; it’s how we respond to them.

If we expect 100% adherence 100% of the time, we’ll beat ourselves up when life throws a curveball – and perhaps even throw in the towel altogether! Instead, if we can normalise obstacles. If we can learn lessons, become wiser, and get back on track, then they simply become bumps in the road on a much bigger journey. Developing your ‘bounce-back ability’ is key if our plan is to be sustainable.

Consistency – not Perfection

Success comes from what we do consistently – not occasionally. However, being consistent doesn’t mean being ‘perfect’ – it means being ‘good enough.

This isn’t me encouraging you to aim low or half-ass it. Instead, I’m empowering you to overcome the blues when you experience dips in adherence. Because, guess what? It will happen! And in these moments, mindset is key.

The pursuit of perfection is not only unrealistic but sets us up for failure. Life will never allow perfection, and that’s ok – it doesn’t need to. “Good enough” is truly good enough!

The headline: we do not need to be ‘perfect’ to win the fat-loss game. We just need to be consistent, to keep the ball rolling. If you’re unsure how, rest assured, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Habits – not Motivation

Whilst positive behaviour change is always something to celebrate, behaviour change driven by habits is king!

You see, whilst motivation is certainly useful, the problem is it’s inherently fickle. It ebbs & flows. It comes & goes. No one stays motivated all the time! Ever had a rough day at work and found yourself turning to Deliveroo for comfort? Well, you get the idea.

Habits, on the other hand, are like cruise control on a car. When we act from habit, we use no energy or conscious thought. Our behaviour is automatic – it just happens!.

If consistency is our aim, then relying solely on motivation simply won’t cut it – at least not long term. Habits empower us to achieve consistency by design. I’ll be your guide in cultivating new habits that align with your goals.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that we can improve through learning and effort, while a fixed mindset sees things as unchangeable. A growth mindset has healthy relationship with failure, a fixed mindset does not.

If we’re to boss the process, a growth mindset is fundamental.

You see, when we inevitably encounter obstacles along the way – whether they be unrealistic expectations, a lack of self-awareness or gaps in our knowledge – being growth minded enables us to overcome them.

  • We will improve with practice
  • We will learn from our mistakes
  • We don’t expect to get it right first time

Beliefs like these reframe failures as opportunities to grow. They empower us to learn, improve, tweak & tinker until we eventually discover your perfect process. Experiment, reflect, refine – that’s my mantra for success! Identifying lessons learned each week is an integral part of our plan.

Baby Steps – not Giant Leaps

Sustainable fat-loss isn’t about drastic measure, going ‘Spartan Mode’, the aggressive or the extreme. Whilst the allure of rapid results might be tempting, it’s easy to forget that ‘fast’ comes with sacrifices, and ‘fast’ doesn’t last!

Sustainable fat-loss is about taking baby steps consistently over time. 1% after 1% – brick by brick, drop by drop. Steady & achievable lifestyle changes that maintain a high quality of life and last forever.

As James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits says: “a small change in direction can lead to a massive change in destination over time”.

Remember: if your method is unsustainable, your results will be unsustainable too!

I’ll not only get you from A to B, I’ll make you have the tools to stay there.

Chimp Management

We’ve all had our thoughts & behaviour hijacked by emotion – it’s part of being human. Emotional eating, stress-fuelled takeaways, fear around joining a gym. Whilst these feelings are totally legitimate & understandable, they can also be barriers to success.

Many find discussing emotions difficult. The Chimp Model provides a solution. It distinguishes between us (the Human) and our emotions (the Chimp).

Whilst we have no control over what triggers our chimp, the more we understand it, the better equipped we are to respond.

If emotionally fuelled behaviour is hijacking your progress, improving your chimp-management skills will be a game changer.

To Summarise

An underdeveloped fat-loss mindset can be a sneaky & silent destroyer of fat-loss dreams. In fact, from my experience, it’s the no. 1 barrier to success. To arm you with a “brain to sustain“, I promise you …

  • No more knowledge gaps when it comes to how fat-loss works
  • No more subversive blind spots when it comes to your self-awareness
  • No more chasing perfectionism if it’s undermining your consistency
  • No more falling off the bandwagon when you hit bumps in the road
  • No more relying on motivation when habits are king
  • No more fixed-mindset thinking when learning from our mistakes is vital
  • No more unrealistic expectations when all they do is set us up for failure
  • No more unidentified chimp behaviour as it might be sabotaging your progress

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