You’re Doing It Wrong! 🙈

Chasing fat-loss quick fixes is something I see WAY too often 🙄

Typically involving “over-training” or “aggressive dieting”, such strategies do not offer a permanent solution ❌

Yes, training is important, but it’s the least important piece of the fat-loss puzzle

If your goal is to be a fitter & healthier version of you, then – fundamentally – you MUST build “new you” from the foundations upwards 🙏🏻

These foundations are what I call “building a bulletproof mindset”

I’m talking about …

👍🏻 Creating structure, rhythm & routine
👍🏻 Being organised, planning ahead & learning self-discipline
👍🏻 Enjoying support, guidance & accountability
👍🏻 Feeling inspired
👍🏻 Enjoying a clear plan of
👍🏻 Developing new habits
👍🏻 Constructing a new lifestyle
👍🏻 Mastering consistency
👍🏻 Learning how to overcome life’s obstacles

Doing it the other way around is like trying to put the roof on a house before you’ve built the walls 🏠 … and I’m assuming you wouldn’t do that 😆

Stay awesome & keep going,


Stay awesome & keep going! ✌️


GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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