An effective process requires effective systems. Systems? A posh word for behaviours. But not any old behaviours, behaviours that are planned in advance.

The Trouble with ‘Winging it’

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you care about your health & fitness. You probably have a good grasp of concepts like calories and protein. Heck, you might even already go to the gym! And I’m certain that you know the difference between healthy & junk foods.

But, despite your knowledge, when it comes to implementing it into your life, do you ever feel like you’re ‘winging it‘? No real plan? No real structure? Taking each day as it comes?

This might mean making food choices meal-to-meal – doing the mental maths on calories as you go. Or it might mean training as & when – but only if your busy schedule will allow.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably noticed that: when your weeks are obstacle free – or when your motivation is high – ‘winging it’ can actually work pretty well! You feel like you’re in control and things are going smoothly.

However, you’ve also likely noticed that: when obstacles arise – or when motivation wanesfitness gets bumped down the priority list and your behaviour becomes less goal supportive.

Typical obstacles might be a hectic period at work, a row with your partner, or a jam-packed social calendar. In such circumstances, have you ever found yourself …

  • More inclined to opt for the ‘easy’ food choice? – because ordering takeout requires much less mental energy than cooking at home
  • Less likely to go to the gym? – because staying in bed or lounging at home seems like the easier option
  • Less inclined to prioritise your sleep? Because another Netflix episode sounds way more appealing!

Oh, me too! haha – this is totally normal. The trouble is, more often than not, there are obstacles. And that’s just it! The reality is that obstacles abound in busy lives. Each one threatening to knock us off track. With so many obstacles to navigate, it’s easy to find ourselves feeling back at square one with our goals.

The headline? For busy people with busy lives, ‘winging it’ means inconsistency: inconsistent behaviour & inconsistent progressnot where we want to be.

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: fat loss is simple, but it’s not easy. For many people, the issue isn’t their knowledge – it’s their ability to stay consistent long term.

➡️ Does it need to be this hard? No!

➡️ Is there a way to be more consistent? Yes!

The solution? Well …

✅ Firstly, we have to acknowledge the problem. There will never be a time where ‘winging it’ works long-term. We will always be busy. There will always be obstacles.

✅ Secondly, we have to make our behaviour less vulnerable to obstacles & drops in motivation. Ever heard the expression: ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’? When it comes to fat loss, it’s the truth!

The Power of Systems

This is where systems come in. ‘Systems’ are behaviours that we’ve planned in advance. Having a system simply means having a plan! For example:

  • Planning to take food with you to work
  • Planning when you’ll train each week
  • Planning an evening routine to safeguard your sleep

Systems eliminate chaos and create order

Order breeds calmness, control & consistency. Chaos, on the other hand, is the enemy of consistency. We cannot expect to stay consistent with new behaviours if we’re constantly putting out fires!

Order breeds habit. Habits are the cornerstone of consistency. Since good systems often become habits, if we nail our systems, we’ll be halfway there.

Creating Quality Systems

To conclude, when we invest in systems …

  • We reduce the threat of obstacles
  • We reduce the threat of motivation dips
  • We bulletproof our behaviour
  • We build habits
  • We become more consistent
  • We see more progress
  • We see better results

Make no mistake, systems work – and I love helping my clients create them.

In fact, designing bespoke systems for key fat-loss behaviours is one of the things I do best!

On our Zoom Strategy Call, we’ll sit down together and design new behaviours that compliment your life – and don’t complicate it. A few classic considerations might include …

  • Daily Progress Tracker – when are we going to complete this each day?
  • Daily Weigh-Ins – how can we structure these into our morning routine?
  • Training – on which days and at what times? Or maybe we need to work around shifts! etc
  • Steps – how are we going to nail our step count? Walking to work? Planned walks at the weekend? etc
  • Morning routine – when do we wake? Are we going to eat breakfast? Do we meal prep, journal, meditate? etc
  • Evening routine – when do we have dinner? When do we have our downtime? What time do we need to be in bed to protect our sleep?
  • Sleep – are we nailing quality and quantity? Have we considered an eye mask, ear plugs, black-out blinds? etc
  • Water Intake – how can we nail this on a daily basis? A water bottle? etc
  • Weekly Food Shop – can we take control of this? Which shop(s)? What day(s)? etc
  • Meal Prep – do we want to prep our meals for maximum control? If so, when, what & how?
  • Daily Meal Structure – can we pin down when we’re going to eat our meals and snacks each day?
  • MyFitnessPal – are we going to use it? If so, when will we complete it? Weekdays only or weekends too? etc
  • Protein – what are our go-to sources? Are we getting enough in our meals? Do we need some inspiration? etc
  • Prioritising Healthy Foods – what’s the plan here? Healthier in the week and more indulgent at the weekend? etc
  • Caffeine Are there extra calories in our caffeine drinks? How late are we consuming caffeine? How much? etc
  • High-Calorie Saucesdo we have high-calorie sauces with our meals?
  • Alcohol – what’s the plan here? What’s the right balance for you? Can we make more goal-supportive drink choices?
  • Chimp – do we have a plan for when we’re feeling negative emotions like stress, depression or anxiety? Mediation? Exercise? More sleep? etc
  • Self Care – do we have a plan for maintaining balance? What do we need to put in place each week?

Once are systems in place, we experiment, reflect & refine until they run like clockwork. For many clients, creating structure & routine is the bedrock of their success. If this sounds like what you need, and you’re fed up of winging it, we can help!

To Summarise

  • No more ‘winging it’ with your fitness
  • No more frustration around consistency
  • No more being vulnerable to obstacles
  • No more falling prey to low motivation
  • No more lack of structure & routine
  • No more chaos trying to spin multiple plates

Together, let’s create order. Let’s create systems. Let’s design the lifestyle that YOU want.

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