⭐ Today’s Topic Habits WILL Determine Your Future


Success takes time – sometimes months, sometimes years

Everyone has days, weeks & months that ARE goal supportive 🙌

Everyone has days, weeks & months that AREN’T – i.e where we feel “off track”

And that’s totally normal: sustainable success is NEVER linear

Hold the vision. Trust the process.

Pants times come and go – it’s part of being human! And provided we reflect, grow, and move forwards stronger & wiser every time, we WILL achieve our goals 🙏

However, if you’re keen to speed up the process, then focus on building sustainable new HABITS

Why? 🤔

Because habits keep our behaviour goal-supportive even when we’re feeling rubbish & demotivated 🔥

Habits see us through when our head’s not in the game 🔥

For example: a pint of water upon waking every day, training every Wednesday & Friday, meal prep every Monday & Tesco home delivery every Sunday

Habits like these WILL keep you consistent (the key to success) and, hence, WILL ultimately determine your success

Don’t invest in motivation (for it comes & goes) – invest in habits 🙏

We become what we repeatedly do

You’ve got this 👊

Stay awesome & keep going! ✌️


GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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