Getting Started

A building is only as tall as its foundations are fit to build on. My 5-step onboarding process lays the foundation for your future success. Here’s how it works …

Step 1 – Website Enquiry

I know reaching out can be scary, but don’t be shy – I’m friendly (honest!). Say hi and register your interest via my enquiry form:

  • Name your name
  • Email your email address
  • How can I help? tell me a little about yourself and what you’d like to achieve

Hit submit and I’ll get straight back to you – I’m usually pretty snappy with my emails 😁

If I think I can help, I’ll send over a Calendly link for you to book in a free Chemistry Call on a day / time that suits you.

Step 2 – Chemistry Call

Receive a free ‘no strings attached’ phone call from me. I’ll send you a reminder 24h beforehand!

Typically around 20 minutes, the purpose of the call is to establish whether we’re a good fit for each other. Do the pieces fit? Are we on the same wavelength? To answer these questions, I’ll want to learn all about you …

  • Your backstory
  • Your goals
  • What success would mean for you
  • What’s been holding you back
  • Particular areas you’re struggling with
  • Whether you feel ready to change

If it’s thumbs up all round, we’ll lock in times for our session(s) and I’ll officially welcome you on board.

Step 3 – Questionnaire

After our call, I’ll email you my Client Questionnaire. It takes a deep dive into your goals, lifestyle, nutrition & training.

From experience, I’ve learned that a 360° understanding of my clients’ starting point is key if we’re to create an effective strategy.

After all, the more clarity we have on our starting point, the better we’re able to …

  • Pinpoint future obstacles
  • Make informed decisions
  • Design a bespoke process

Once I have your questionnaire, I’ll send a link to your SafeSpace (more on this later), info on payment, and we’ll arrange a time for our 1st session together: our Zoom Strategy Call.

Step 4 – Zoom Strategy Call

I host our first coaching session on Zoom. Why so? Well, with 168 hours in each week, our success hinges on the decisions you make outside of your sessions with me.

To this end, our Zoom Strategy Call covers everything you need to focus on at home. We’ll talk about:

  • Smart Goals – mapping out how we’ll measure our progress
  • New Identity – a little bit of ‘deep work’ defining the person you wish to become (New You)
  • Lifestyle Design – designing your daily & weekly routine to integrate key fat-loss behaviours

By the time you set foot in Buzz Gym, you’ll be crystal clear on the journey ahead.

Your POA & SafeSpace

After our call, I’ll get to work building your POA (Plan of Attack) Stack. Tracker, Check-ins, Goals, Identity, Lifestyle, Nutrition & Mindset – it’s all in the one place: a G-Sheet with multiple tabs bespoke to you and your journey.

Convenient, streamlined & effective – it’s my preferred way of doing things!

Once we’ve completed our first session at Buzz, your Training Programme will be created on a separate G-Sheet.

Your GymHippie SafeSpace is your personal dashboard. It’s where everything comes together. Mobile friendly, it offers easy access to your POA Stack, Training Programme and educational resources.

Step 5 – Buzz Gym

With the foundations of mindset, lifestyle & nutrition firmly locked in place, we’ll shift our focus to training. Our first session at Buzz looks like this …

  • Getting Comfortable – I know a new gym can be scary, so we’ll show you around and reduce the “unknowns”
  • Our 1st Check-in – sharpening your focus for the week ahead & tackling any teething errors
  • Full Movement Assessment – allowing us to write bespoke programmes custom tailored to your body & skillset.
  • Baseline Progress Markers – photos, fitness tests – whatever we’ve agreed!

And that’s it! At this point, we’ll be all set up and cooking with gas: building momentum, seeing progress, and enjoying the journey

To Summarise

If you’re ready to transform your body, habits & break down the barriers that are holding you back, I’m ready – are you?

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All you need to get started is self-awareness and a fire in your belly