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DOB: 23/02/1990  MBTI: ENFP  Zodiac: Pisces  Platform: In Person @ Buzz

DOB: 23/02/1990


Zodiac: Pisces

Platform: In Person @ Buzz

Gabby’s Backstory

Hi, I’m Gabby. Here’s my story … are you ready?

On a cold Friday morning in 1990, I was born in a hospital in Hungary. My parents had emigrated from Romania in hope of a better life – with two bags & some cash! My parents aren’t Romanian, they call themselves “Erdélyi” meaning they are from Transylvania – a part of Romania where mostly Hungarians live (since it used to belong to Hungary). Growing up, I spent all my summers on my grandparent’s farm in Romania, playing with animals and helping them with their many daily tasks.

Being an only child meant that there weren’t many rules for me, and that included food too. My mum is a passionate baker & cook. She bakes every day! With no limitations on how much I ate, I gained weight.

I was a chubby teenager and got bullied for it constantly in high school.

You can guess where that led me later in my teens: low confidence & self-esteem, depression, anger & sadness. After leaving school, I qualified as a nurse. For the first time in my life I felt needed, important & useful. I felt like I was contributing to humanity by caring for the patients and helping them with everyday things. It was amazing.

Shortly after that my family moved to the UK, and I followed. I remember someone making a comment about my weight. That was the moment I decided to take action.

I started doing anything that would burn calories fast. I also started eating better, although I still thought that drinking lots of fruit juice was calorie-friendly lol.

Then I discovered the gym. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing in there, so I hired a personal trainer who helped me grow. I did all the classic quick-fixes at first: keto? did it; intermittent fasting? did it; paleo? did it; vegan? did it.

I became so obsessed with health & fitness that I found myself reading day & night – anything that’d help me build my knowledge. And then it occurred to me: why don’t I do this for a living?

I’ve seen all the benefits of improved fitness. Appearance-wise, I used to be 78kg & a size 16, I’m now 62 kg & a size 8. Strength-wise, I can deadlift 120kg & bench press my own weight. I‘ve also run 6 marathons, and attempted a Guinness World Record when I tried to climb the height of Mt. Everest on a stair machine!

Most of all, however, I gained confidence, sense of self, vitality, empowerment & happiness. I no longer felt like a prisoner in my body, and I gained my life back.

I qualified as a coach nearly 10 years ago. Pairing my passion for helping others with my love of fitness was the best decision I ever made. I love people, I love seeing them grow. My clients’ progress is my driver.

The holistic philosophy at Gymhippie has always resonated with me, and it was an honour to be invited to join forces.

My friends would describe me as funny, light hearted, empathetic, passionate & energetic.

Other than my job, my other two big passions are my amazing wonderful boyfriend Seb and travelling the world.

Familyspending time, making memories with & caring for those I love

Personal Developmentself-awareness self-reflection & a growth mindset

Coachinghelping, educating and adding life-changing value to my clients

Health & Fitnesstraining, healthy eating, yoga, meditation & mental health

Travellingseeing the world and experiencing different cultures

GymHippiebuilding the brand, business & developing the service

Relationshipscreating memories with my friends, clients & boyfriend

Gabby’s Ice-Breaker Questionnaire


Coaching with Me is Like … 50% terrible humour, 20% education, and 30% exercise


Fact About Me That Surprises People … I once attempted a Guinness world record!


Green Flags I Look for … curiosity, self-reflective, keen to improve, fun


I’m a Regular at … Gatwick airport – I love travelling


We’re the Same Type of Weird if … you look up the menu before going to a restaurant


My Mantra is … “My challenges will bring a better me”


I Geek Out on … self-development, documentaries, Crossfit comps & nutrition


Two Truths and a Lie … moved house over 10 times, hate people, visited 23 countries


I Spend Most of My Money on … supplements from Holland & Barrett, Asos & travelling


Typical Sunday … up at 7, gym, breakfast, tidy, cook family lunch, admin, meal prep, bed

Gabby’s Fictional Character: Genie

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