Considering hiring a personal trainer? Exciting times! The right coach can certainly kick-start the process of positive change – and perhaps in more ways than you might think. Sure, looking your best is important, but we’re talking bigger than that. We’re talking about your holistic wellness. We’re talking about the mind, body and self.

Make no mistake, with the right coach, the benefits of a results-driven & sustainable strategy can be both powerful and far reaching. But there are so many fitness professionals out there – how an earth do you choose between them!? For us, selecting a coach isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

You see, whilst the core components of fat loss might be the same for everyone – i.e. a calorie deficit, regular strength training & sufficient protein intake – implementing them enjoyably, effectively & sustainably into individual lives is anything but “one size fits all”.

The right coach won’t only manage your training; they’ll manage your nutrition & mindset; they’ll empower you with new knowledge, skills & habits; they’ll set you up for life long success. What’s more, they’ll understand your character, they’ll understand your values, they’ll understand your emotions, they’ll understand YOU.

Let’s have a chat to see whether our Fat-Loss Programmes are the right fit for you – no strings attached! Simply click the link to access either Luke’s or Ben’s calendars and we’ll give you a call ⬇️

➡️ Luke Williams

Luke is your perfect personal trainer if …

  • You want to move beyond dieting & quick fixes
  • You find it hard to prioritise your fitness
  • You want to be heard, understood & mentored
  • You have an interest in personal development
  • You’re an “early bird” and want to train in the mornings

➡️ Ben Emes

Ben is your perfect personal trainer if …

  • You want to learn how to strength train effectively
  • You want the tools to get from A to B
  • You want to fast-track your physical results
  • You’re self-disciplined & want to train hard
  • You’re a “night owl” and want to train in the evenings

What our GymHippies say…

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Luke Williams

Head Coach & Founder @ GymHippie

Ben Emes

Senior Coach @ GymHippie