You Won’t Burn Fat Without Structure & Routine 🏠

I pretty much guarantee it

Why am I so sure? 😆

Because the secret to fat-loss success is CONSISTENCY 🔥

Consistency in key fat-loss areas …

➡️ A moderate calorie deficit ⚖️ (typically around 1,500 daily for women & 2,000 for men)

➡️ Protein 🍗 (typically around 20-30% of overall calorie intake)

➡️ Strength training 🏋🏻‍♀️ (ideally around x1-4 weekly) 

➡️ Stress & sleep management 💚 (because we can’t pour from an empty cup)

If we nail these on a daily basis, we nail our goals

It really is that simple

There are no shortcuts to fat loss – consistent execution of the basics is the ONLY way to succeed

In that sense, fat loss is really simple

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

On the contrary, staying consistent can be really hard for busy people

🤦🏻 Career

🤦🏻 Family

🤦🏻 Friends

🤦🏻 Kids

Busy people have plenty of plates to spin

Plenty of demands on their time & energy

Plenty of obstacles hijacking their headspace

Without a plan, consistently nailing those key fat-loss behaviours is extremely unlikely

Failing to plan is TRULY planning to fail

This really hit home for me this week

Last week I moved house

I went from having all my habits pinned down …

✅ Morning routine

✅ Evening routine

✅ Weekly food shop

✅ Daily meal structure

✅ Meal planning

✅ Training etc

… to utter chaos 😆

I’ve been “winging it” all week

And guess what? 

My consistency has suffered 😫

Big time!

I’ve hit about 30% adherence compared to my usual 90%

I’ve felt disorganised, a little frustrated, and a little out of control

Things I hear from others ALL THE TIME

“I don’t have a routine”

“I don’t have structure”

“I take each day as it comes”

I love creating structure & routine for my clients

Not because I’m a control freak haha

But because I know how important they are

Without routine & structure, there is no consistency

And without consistency, there is no fat-loss success

Those who have a plan succeed, those who don’t – don’t 

If you’re struggling to create a winning plan, I can help 💚

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