You Can’t Mess This Up 💚

A little while ago, one of my clients messaged me saying that she’d “failed” because she’d gone over her calories for the day

I mean …

Here was a woman who was making huge positive changes her life, she was smashing her training, improving her relationship with food, and she’d been in a calorie deficit for MONTHS. Yet, despite all of this, think that she had failed.

Obviously, I quickly reminded her of all of the great things she had done

And that, whilst we can always find ways to improve our “process”, bumps in the road are inevitable – they are TOTALLY normal

It made me realise how easy it is for our minds to sabotage us

And how it’s so easy for people to fall into an endless yo-yo dieting / “all or nothing” thinking

“It’s perfect or it’s rubbish”!

Try to see the bigger picture

One meal or even one day will not impact our progress AT ALL

That is, UNLESS we allow it to discourage us and we lose sight of our plan

I know it’s easy to say, but try to limit the negative self-talk

Try to look for what you’re doing right, not what you’re doing wrong

There is ALWAYS something to feel good about

As long as you’re putting in some kind of effort then you have not failed

You only fail when you give up for good

Even if things aren’t going great right now, it just means that you’re in a part of the process that isn’t so fun

Everyone goes through them

You’ve got this 💚


Stay awesome & keep going,



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  1. I’m so guilty of throwing in the towel and thinking I’ve “ruined everything” when things go wrong. This usually happens at the the weekends haha. I need to remind myself to see the bigger picture.


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