Why I Didn’t Propose Earlier 💍

2019 is when I first had the idea to propose

I was cruising in “best self” territory at the time – as we often are when we start a new relationship! haha 😁

But then life threw me a curve ball and my life turned upside down

I badly slipped a disk in my lower back through poor execution on my deadlifts

The sciatica was unreal ⚡

I couldn’t walk, sit down or work (self employed 😫)

I was in survival mode … for at least 6 months

Industrial-strength painkillers every 4 hours (24h a day)

And that was just the start

For at least the next two years, each day was all about “getting through”

I gained 35kg of body fat through lack of movement & emotional eating

My “best self” felt a long way away

And so did proposing!

I wanted to feel good about myself when I went down on one knee – not worrying that I wouldn’t be able to stand up again 😆

It took me from 2019 to 2023 to feel close to my best self again

I never lost faith, I could see the big picture, I had trust in the process

It’s been a long journey, but I wouldn’t change thing

The lessons I’ve learned along the way have been invaluable

I’m a better person because of them

The headline …

Great things take time – and some things cannot be rushed

To lose patience is to lose the battle

A fat-loss journey is no different

If you’re struggling to keep the faith & hold the vision on your journey, then I can help 💚

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