What’s Your Plan – What’s Your Process!? 🤔

⁣“We do not rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our processes” – James Clear, Atomic Habits

The “process” refers to the behaviours that will get us from A to B

💚 Tracking calories on MyFitnessPal
💚 Filling a water bottle every morning
💚 Strength training x1-3 weekly
💚 An evening & morning routine
💚 A weekly food shop
💚 A daily meal structure
💚 Learning how to overcome obstacles
💚 Conquering emotional eating

These are all examples of “the process”

If we nail the process, we nail our goals

It really is that simple!

Yet, from experience, the process is the thing that people struggle with the most

Goals, on the other hand, are easily set. We’ve all said things like …

🗣️ “I want to lose weight”
🗣️ “I want to tone up”
🗣️ “I want to get stronger”
🗣️ “I want to get healthier”

But without a plan, these goals are just wishes

If goals are the WHAT, the process is the HOW

For sustainable results, the process needs to be sustainable

Cutting carbs, fad diets, excessive exercise & weight-loss supplements

Quick fixes & shortcuts are NOT sustainable long-term

Yes, they might get you from A to B, but they sure won’t keep you there!

My process, on the other hand, combines “results-driven” with holistic & sustainability

Built upon the four key fat-loss pillars …

💚 Training – for shape & strength
💚 Nutrition – for fat loss & health
💚 Lifestyle – for consistency
💚 Mindset – for sustainability

I carefully design a bespoke process around your personality & preferences. A process that …

➡️ Gets you results and is sustainable long-term
➡️ Compliments your life – and doesn’t complicate it
➡️ Ultimately just becomes part of who you are, and how you live day-to-day

If you’re serious about making changes, sod wasting time & money with “off the shelf”

We can do SO much better than that 😉

If you need help creating YOUR “perfect process”, I can help 💚

I currently have three coaching slots left in January


Stay awesome & keep going,



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