What Uni Taught Me About Fat Loss 📚

If you went to uni, then you’ll know there are two types of student:

1️⃣ The student who meets deadlines by careful planning & structure

2️⃣ The student who meets deadlines by last-minute caffeine-fuelled all nighters 

A slow & steady approach vs. a mad dash to the finish

I was the former

I watched the latter with FASCINATION 😂

“Why ON EARTH would you do that to yourself!?” – I used to think to myself

I honestly thought it was madness

Yet they’d do it again and again 🤷🏻‍♂️

Why? Because it’s just how they were wired

You see, this is how God made me ⬇️

✅ Structured 

✅ Organised

✅ Planner

✅ Routine

And this how God made them:

✅ Free spirit 

✅ Spontaneous

✅ Loves variety & keeping their options open

✅ Disorganised & carefree

Needless to say, I got a 1st-class politics degree – that’s my picture w Mum & Dad! – and they didn’t

Good for me, right!?

Well… the funny this is, in other areas of life, I was envious of them

They had more fun, they went to more parties, they had more adventures

They created more memories than I did 😆

It’s hard to reminisce fondly about all that time I spent on my own sticking to my meticulous plan

Yet those nights binge-drinking on the town… ahh I remember every one 🙏

And we laugh about them to this day 💚

Perhaps I wish I’d been on a few more adventures 🤔

Perhaps they wished they’d been a bit more disciplined 🤷🏻‍♂️

My point here is this …

In SOME areas of life, being a casual, carefree risk-taker works 

In OTHER areas of life, it doesn’t 

When it comes to health & fitness, discipline is key

Why? Because it facilitates consistency

And consistency is the secret weapon to fat-loss success

If you’re someone who flits around from one quick-fix to the next …

If you can’t stay consistent with your fat-loss strategy …

If you get distracted by other areas of life and falls off bandwagon …

When I bet you’re bossing some areas of life

I guarantee you’re not bossing your fat-loss goals 😉

And if you resonate with this, I can help 💚

I’m currently taking on new clients for September

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