What I learned From Taking Steroids 💉

I used to take steroids 😕

At the time, it made sense

You see, I really wanted an outcome – I felt I NEEDED an outcome 

But I simply didn’t have the knowledge (or patience!) to get it

Taking a shortcut felt like my only option 🤷🏻‍♂️

The pain of “staying the same” – i.e. not taking them – felt FAR GREATER than the risks associated with taking them 😫 

So I took them

And I learned two things …

1️⃣ Taking shortcuts with your health & fitness comes with a cost 

Aggressive & extreme strategies come with sacrifices 

That is, assuming you don’t have in-depth knowledge in the areas you’re dealing with (which I didn’t!)

The price I paid for my short-term gains were …

👎 Hair loss

👎 Poor immunity – I got ill A LOT

👎 Low testosterone – e.g. erectile dysfunction

👎 Chronic anxiety about what would happen when I stopped

I could go on. Both psychically and mentally, I suffered a result of my decision.

2️⃣ You cannot solve a long-term problem with a short-term solution

I knew the minute I stopped taking the steroids I would lose all my results

And that’s exactly what happened

The trouble is, I want to look & feel my best forever – not just for a Summer!

I love this quote …

“If the method is unsustainable, the results will be unsustainable too”

If you’re on a fat loss journey and you’re doing something extreme in order to get from A to B

Maybe you’re crash dieting – e.g. juice diets, the Cambridge diet, keto, zero junk food, or you’re on sub 1,200 calories each day

Maybe you’re doing excessive amounts of exercise – e.g. training multiple times a day, searching through YouTube looking for “fat burning workouts”, or doing excessive amounts of cardio (trying to “exercise off the fat”)

Maybe you’re taking fat-burning supplements or using gadgets & gimmicks

And you’re doing all these things because THAT’S THE BEST YOU CAN DO at the moment with the knowledge that you have

And if you’re stuck there, and you’re frustrated, and it’s not the person you want to be, and you know it’s not sustainable, but you simply don’t know another way to get the outcome you want

Then I can help you

I can teach you how to make fat loss a sustainable part of your life

I can help you look & feel you best forever – and show you how to stop sacrificing your physical & mental health in order to achieve it 💚

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