Unfit, Weak & Unhealthy 😫

Not the babies… me!

I know I’m blessed to have two healthy sons (thanks to my partner, Keri!) … but being a parent can be feckin’ scary

That sense of responsibility, the fear of letting them down 😢

MAN … it runs deep

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand 🙏

The bottom picture is me with Shay in 2020. I was 145kg – unfit, weak & unhealthy

❌ Worried about lifting Shay because of my back
❌ Feeling like a rubbish role mode
❌ Low in energy – unable to enjoy the fun & games
❌ Low in mood – pretty detached & didn’t help Keri as much as I’d have liked, which affected our relationship

The top picture is me with Caelan this week. I’m now 110kg – fitter, stronger & healthier

I’ve been prioritising my health & fitness for a few years now 💪

Nothing extreme, just consistency

If I hadn’t made changes, I know I’d have felt the same way all over again

Being a parent feels different this time

It feels easier & more exciting without all those barriers in my way 🙌

If you’re struggling to prioritise your health & fitness, and it’s preventing you from being the person you want to be

Not only do I understand, but I have the solution 💚

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