The Dangers of Being Overly Restrictive 🚨

When we talk about a diet being “too restrictive”, we’re usually talking about super-low calorie budgets – 1,000 calories a day, for example!

Aggressive calorie deficits like this simply aren’t compatible with real life

Work, relationship, kids, social life, travelling …

Sooner or later (probably sooner!) our consistency will start to dwindle, and – before we know it – we’ll have fallen off the bandwagon

We all know the story! 😆

But here’s something else to consider

MANY people struggle to maintain consistency on MODERATE calorie budgets too – 1,600 calories a day, for example

Their issue ISN’T the size of their calorie budget

It’s what they allow themselves to spend their calories on

Or, rather, what they DON’T allow themselves to spend their calories on!

Sure, eating solely healthy / minimally processed / or “clean” foods sounds great on paper

But be careful

It can quickly become overly restrictive

From experience, eliminating the foods we love – e.g. ice cream, pizza, chocolate etc – is NOT sustainable long term 🍕🍦

Sure, you can do just about anything for a short while – I know people who’ve suffered through keto for years!

But, long-term, extreme / aggressive / overly-restrictive strategies make us miserable and set us up for failure

They’re also TOTALLY unnecessary to achieve your fat-loss goals

If you are struggling to maintain consistency with your diet

✅ Look at your calories – are they too low for you to be consistent?
✅ Look at what you’re eating – are you trying to be “perfect” and eat only “healthy” foods?

BOTH are examples of over-restriction and will potentially sabotage sustainable results

🦄 Crunches burn belly fat

🦄 Biceps curls burn arm fat

🦄 Squats burn thigh fat

These people are full of shite 😂

Whilst there are a TONNE of products, creams, drinks and exercises out there that claim to burn fat in certain areas

They DO NOT work

Other than liposuction, NOTHING is capable of targeting fat-loss in a SPECIFIC area

Whilst we have no control over WHERE our body burns fat – that’s something our genetics alone will dictate – what we can do is control WHETHER we burn fat

Here’s how …

1️⃣ SUSTAIN A MODERATE CALORIE DEFICIT 💡 In other words, consume fewer calories than our body burns. This is the only way to burn body fat

2️⃣ STRENGTH TRAIN x1-4 WEEKLY 🏋🏻‍♀️ Strength training allows us to shape the muscle in our problem area(s)

3️⃣ INCREASE PROTEIN INTAKE 🍗 Ensuring about 25-35% of our calories are from protein will help preserve muscle whilst in a calorie deficit

If you need help with this, I can help 💚


Stay awesome & keep going,



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