Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time to Start! 🚨

Does this sound familiar?

“I want to get in shape. I want to lose weight. Enough is enough. I’m ready to change. I want to change – for me, for my happiness.

I’ll get everything prepared so that I’m ready to start in January. Actually, maybe February as I’m already doing dry January & I’ve got a few weddings coming up“

Then, come February …

“Actually, I can’t start because (insert excuse here)”

Here are a few classics …

➡️ “Work is too busy at the moment”
➡️ “My social calendar is rammed”
➡️ “I don’t have enough time”
➡️ “It’s too expensive”
➡️ “I’m not motivated”

Now I’m NOT saying these aren’t valid reasons to avoid making changes 🙏

But do they take us closer to the person we want to be? 🤔

Do they help us achieve our goals? Life the life we want?

Whatever the reasons we tell ourselves, it always seems better to start later – when everything has fallen into place, when the stars have aligned, when the conditions are PERFECT 👌

The trouble is that there’s NO perfect time … seriously, there isn’t 😂

And we’ll always be able to find SOME reason not to get started. Life is busy. It always will be.

My advice here is simple: take action … even if it’s imperfect 🙏

Get the ball rolling; start taking small steps in the right direction 🔥 Get a water bottle, eat more veg, go for a weekly walk, create a bedtime routine – ANYTHING!

In a month, I PROMISE you that you’ll be happy you did 👊

Remember, the first step is often the hardest

If you’re unsure where to start, I can help 💚


Stay awesome & keep going,



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