Stop Relying on Motivation & Willpower

“Want results FAST!?” 💥

“How much do you want it!?” 💪

“Have you got what it takes to succeed!?” 🏆

Feckin’ … YAWN 🙄

I CANNOT STAND these quick-fix “let’s-get-you-motivated” fat-loss sales pitches

Whilst I can admire the willpower & motivation required to “move a mountain” and achieve results fast

I’m bored … so so so bored … of talking to people who THINK that willpower & motivation are the tools needed for long-term success

They are NOT


Because willpower & motivation are FICKLE 🚨

They ebb & flow, they come & go

Don’t believe me? … Ever felt motivated? Ever felt unmotivated?

Yeah, me too 🤓

For example, now is the festive period. It’s cold & dark, there’s indulgent food EVERYWHERE. I just want to be warm & cosy and eat comforting foods all day long. I’m not motivated AT ALL right now … and, after talking to my clients over the last week, I know these feelings are fairly universal 🤣

The headline here is this that…

✅ YES, motivation & willpower might allow us to achieve rapid results – they will, indeed, help us “move a mountain” TODAY

❌ But NO, they won’t enable us to sustain our results – they won’t ensure we can “move a mountain” TOMORROW, or the day after that, or the day after that!

This is why my focus is ALWAYS on developing new habits with my clients

Habits & behaviours that just become part of who they are – and become part of their normal “day to day” life

Sure, motivation & willpower are useful

But when we create a new lifestyle, we stop relying on them 🙏

When we have habits, consistency just happens… on autopilot… automatically… without thinking about it 🔥

All whilst we carry on living our life AS NORMAL

No sacrifice, no suffering, no “moving mountains” – just feeling calm & in control

Balancing our fitness easily alongside other priorities – e.g. career, social life, kids etc

Remember, if the method is unsustainable, then the results will be unsustainable too

If you goal is to look & feel your best year after year …

Stop relying on motivation & willpower

Stop trying to “move a mountain”

Start investing in new habits & lifestyle change 👊


Stay awesome & keep going,



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