Stop Pinning ALL Your Progress on the Scales πŸ™

For starters …

The scale can be deceiving – especially if you’re strength training πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Gaining weight doesn’t ALWAYS mean you’ve gained fat ❌

Long-term: maybe you’ve gained muscle πŸ”₯
Day-to-day: you’re probably holding more water πŸ’§ e.g. you had more salt / carbs than usual yesterday, or it’s THAT time of the month, or you’re stressed, or you slept badly, or you’re dehydrated

Scale weight doesn’t JUST measure body fat πŸ™ˆ

That’s not to say that tracing our weight isn’t a useful tool for fat loss – it is!⁣

Long-term trends (i.e. comparing weekly averages over months) WILL indicate whether or not we’re in a calorie deficit βš–οΈ

Which, if our goal is to burn fat, is important to know πŸ”₯

However, day-to-day, scale weight will be zig-zaggy πŸ˜‚

Your weight WILL fluctuate – potentially A LOT! – so stop obsessing about the day-to-day 🀦🏻

Instead, perhaps focus on things that are more direct measures of your improved quality of life:

βœ… The way you feel
βœ… Your energy levels
βœ… The way your clothes fit
βœ… How you feel when you look in the mirror
βœ… Your confidence
βœ… Your improved self-awareness
βœ… Your improved self-compassion
βœ… Your improved knowledge
βœ… Your improved consistency
βœ… Your improved ability to bounce back from set-backs
βœ… Your improved ability to navigate obstacles
β£βœ… You’re eating a healthier diet
βœ… You’re getting stronger

After all, there is SO MUCH MORE to a fat-loss journey than just losing weight

You’ve got this πŸ‘Š


Stay awesome & keep going,



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