Sod Setting Goals! Who Do You Want to Be? 🙏

If you’re looking to make some changes this Jan, I have a suggestion

Sod setting goals

Sod thinking about losing weight, toning up or reducing your BMI

Start thinking deeper

Start thinking about the person you want to be

How would person live their life?

What would they be doing differently?

How would a slimmer, stronger & healthier version of you behave?

And, crucially


A few classics might include …

➡️ I want to inspire my family to live a healthier life
➡️ I want to be my “best self” to attract my “best partner”
➡️ I want the confidence to seize opportunities in my career
➡️ I want to be an inspiration & role model for my children
➡️ I want to feel free to explore the world
➡️ I want to feel comfortable having my photo taken at social events

Once you’re clear on your WHY, trust me, you’re halfway there

Identity is deep, identity is personal

True behaviour change is identity change

Why? because goals come and go: challenges, events, transformations, diets, fads etc

All mere flashes in the pan when you see the bigger picture

Identity is more permanent, it’s more powerful

Goals WILL NOT drive long-lasting changes

So, sod them! Sod bouncing between goals looking for motivation – frustrated, all or nothing

When we’re clear on “the person we wish to become”, we don’t rely motivation

We have clarity, we have purpose

A clear purpose + a sustainable & effective PROCESS ⬆️ = a lifetime of fat-loss success

So, instead of setting new goals this January, ask yourself:

Who do YOU want to become?

And if you need help making them come to life, then I can help 💚


Stay awesome & keep going,



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