Set Consistency Goals, NOT Weight Goals 🔥

I’m not saying it’s bad to have weight loss goals.

For some people (myself included) they work really well. 💪

What I am saying, though, is that if you do choose to have a weight loss goal, it’s not a good idea to attach it to a deadline. ⏰

And definitely not a recurring deadline month after month. 📅

There are many reasons for this. 🤔

One major reason is that you can’t control your weight. ⚖️

Even if you’re losing fat, your weight will fluctuate unpredictably—it might go up, down, left, right, or in any other direction. 🔄

Most people start by making a monthly weight loss goal to stay motivated. 👍

Which is great, except that your motivation then depends on something you can’t control. 😕

And when you don’t hit your monthly weight loss goal, will you say “forget it” and quit? ❌

If yes, then don’t make a monthly weight loss goal. ❗

Instead, make a monthly consistency goal. ✅

Because you can control your consistency. 🎯

It’s objective. 📊

You either hit your calorie targets 80% of the time, or you didn’t. 🍽️

You either hit your protein goals 80% of the time, or you didn’t. 🍗

You either reached your fiber intake 80% of the time, or you didn’t. 🥦

You either completed your workouts 80% of the time, or you didn’t. 🏋️

There’s no room for fudging numbers or deceiving yourself. 🚫


Enough rambling. 🗣️

You’ve got this! 💚


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