Instead of Doing That, Try Doing This 👍

When we focus ONLY on goals – e.g.

➡️ Being thin
➡️ Seeing the scales go down

We can sometimes find ourselves doing ANYTHING to get there

I once had a client who …

Went for long walks and did HIIT cardio x7 days a week
Ate very-low calories – 1,200 calories each day (his maintenance was around 2,500!)
Eliminated all foods that weren’t “healthy”
Wanted to strength-train with me every day
Stopped socialising – so he wouldn’t eat “off plan” or drink

Essentially, he pressed “hold” on his life to achieve his goals

Did he achieve them? Yes

Did he enjoy the process? No, he was bloody miserable! 😂

He couldn’t focus at work
His girlfriend told him he was a nightmare to be around

But – at least at the time! – he thought it was all worth it

He thought “no pain no gain!” – THIS is doing this properly – “chase that outcome!”

Thankfully, he doesn’t feel that way any more


Because the minute he started living again, guess what!?

He lost all his progress. He re-gain all the weight.

Hardly surprising really

His method wasn’t sustainable

And, if the method isn’t sustainable, the results won’t be sustainable either!

He used a short-term solution for a long-term problem

You see, if we want LONG TERM results, we need to built a new way of life that we can sustain LONG TERM

This means we need to focus on the “process” – the “how!?”

We need create a process we enjoy

A process that fits around our daily

A process that compliments – and doesn’t complicate

From my experience, this means

➡️ Enjoying our nutrition – eating for health & fuel
➡️ Enjoying our training – enjoying getting stronger & learning new things
➡️ Enjoying feeling great – because you’re looking after your body & mind

If we focus on these things

If we focus on enjoying the process – the journey!, then the goal will take care of itself

If you need help with your process, I can help 💚


Stay awesome & keep going,



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