I’m Anxious About Ageing 😰

I’m 35 this year – sod knows where the last two decades have gone! 😆

Since I can remember, I’ve struggled with my self-image

I was the kid at Primary School with Brylcream in his hair 👱‍♂️

I was the teenager who thought how he looked was all that matters 🪞

I’m very comfortable talking about body dysmorphia – it’s a devil I know very well indeed

In my head, I’m forever working towards a better version of myself

But the mirror rarely agrees 😆

I’ve never gotten close to “finished” or “perfect”

I have an inner critic (Alan) who always finds something “wrong” and “unacceptable” in my apperance


When I look back at photos of myself, I think “ah you looked great then”

But I know damn well I didn’t feel great about myself at the time!

Alan’s voice is the same, it doesn’t change

Last week I had a GymHippie promo shoot with Ben, Gabs & the lovely Caroline @ Viva Photography

Afterwards, I observed that Alan now has a new “issue” to whinge about 🙈

Wrinkles… getting older… the ageing progress 😱

Inevitable, of course – I’m a human like everyone else! 

But… hm… I didn’t see that one coming 😕

And.. ffs.. I wonder how the next 40 / 50 / 60 years are going to play out! 🤣

Strength training adds a lot to my life … 

➡️ Confidence – I love looking & feeling strong

➡️ Freedom – I love thinking “I can” when it comes to physical activities

➡️ Fatherhood – I loving keeping up with and (hopefully) inspiring my boys

➡️ Partnership – I want to feel attractive in my relationship & be able to connect physically

➡️ Mental health – I love how it improves my mood

But they also say that strength training is the closest thing we have to “the elixir of eternal youth”

This, officially, is now my *main reason* for training 😂

Failing that, I’ll just get botox… and probably end up looking like David Gest haha (nervous laughter)

If you’re curious about experiencing the many benefits of strength training in your life, I can absolutely help 💚

I’m currently taking on new clients for September

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