Hiccups & Blips are Part of the Plan 🙌

When people reach out to me, they often expect their life to look like this

Where it says YOUR PLAN at the top ⬆️⬆️

Never have I EVER coached anyone whose life actually looks like this haha

We live busy lives. Life throws us curve balls. Obstacles are inevitable.

Classic obstacles might include:

💥 Illness
💥 That time of the month
💥 Shitty mental health days
💥 Relationship issues
💥 Family stuff
💥 Work stress or travel
💥 Holidays

From my experience, these obstacles are fairly universal

It’s worth noting that obstacles don’t need to be huge: a hangover, Monday mornings, an argument with a friend – ANYTHING can be an obstacle!

But since obstacles are inevitable, we need to set realistic expectations about our adherence to the process

Specifically, perfection – i.e. being 100% consistent week-in week-out – is utterly unrealistic

We’re not robots. We cannot expect perfection. Perfection isn’t compatible with real life

On the contrary, we must see fluctuations in consistency as a normal part of the process

This means that we DO NOT beat ourselves up when obstacles arise and we experience a drop in consistency

Sure, it’s frustrating, but it’s ok – and it’s to be expected

In fact, it NEEDS to be part of the plan


Because, the potential issue with obstacles is never the obstacle itself

The potential issue lies in our response – in other words, our “bounce-back ability”

If we expect perfection, the moment we hit a snag, we’ll think “ahhh sod it, this is too difficult, I’ve messed up, I give up!”

This is “all or nothing” thinking

It is the enemy of perfection

It’s the reason why, for many people, obstacles mean FULL STOPS

Game over

For us, they aren’t full stops, they are COMMAS

Bumps in the road on a much bigger journey

When we have the time & headspace, we might expect our levels of consistency to be higher

When we’re facing obstacles, we might expect our levels of consistency to drop

This ALL falls under the umbrella of “being consistent”

Being consistent means avoiding 0% – even 1% is enough

And if we can keep this up for months and years, then our life will look fundamentally different

You’ve got this 🙏


Stay awesome & keep going,



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