Don’t Make These Fat-Loss Mistakes 🤦🏻

1️⃣ Strength training doesn’t burn fat, a calorie deficit does ⚖️

Nutrition is BY FAR the most effective tool for sustaining a calorie deficit

Fat loss occurs in the KITCHEN – not the gym

2️⃣ We CANNOT burn fat in a specific place 🔥

Our genetics alone will dictate where fat loss occurs.

The way to tackle “problem areas” is to establish a calorie deficit & target them with strength training

Be patient, be consistent, and you will see the results you want

3️⃣ Lifting weights will get you feeling strong, shapely & empowered – NOT bulky

4️⃣ If the method is unsustainable, the results will be unsustainable

Short-term fixes – e.g. fad diets & excessive exercise – will yield short-term results only

5️⃣ All food comes with a price tag in calories

Weight gain occurs when we consume more calories than our body needs

No individual food will make us fat – not carbs, not junk, not dietary fat

6️⃣ Success comes from what we do consistently – not occasionally

Consistently “good enough” beats inconsistently perfect 

I’d rather you nailed 40-60% each week forever, than 100% for six weeks only

7️⃣ You CANNOT out-exercise a calorific diet

Nutrition is BY FAR the most powerful weapon when it comes to burning fat

If you’re not controlling your calorie intake, you’re unlikely to succeed


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