Creating a Future with Fewer Barriers πŸ’š

Feeling overweight but not sure what to do about it?

Unhappy with where you are, but nervous about change?

Maybe you think that health & fitness is for β€œother people”?

If so, this GymHippie would relate! πŸ™

About 18 months ago he set foot in Buzz Gym for the first time

It was first time he’d been in any gym!

Our brief was clear: small, sustainable lifestyle changes

Changes that would compliment his life – not complicate it

Week after week, together – as a team …

➑️ We reflected on what was going well
➑️ We reflected on what we wanted to change

We took one baby step after another

We took things 1% at a time

As you can see from the photo, those baby steps have stacked up!

Today, we’re 50kg down πŸ˜±

A wonderful outcome, no doubt

But, more importantly, when he skips into Buzz Gym these days, I see a different person

βœ… More confident

βœ… More knowledgable

βœ… New habits and a new routine

βœ… A new relationship with food & strength training

βœ… A new sustainable mindset

βœ… More self awareness

βœ… A guy that “belongs” in the gym

βœ… More freedom to enjoy life

βœ… More excited about the future

Sure, we’ve faced obstacles along the way – as everyone does. We’ve had shitty weeks. We’ve felt like things aren’t going right. We’ve had to adapt.

All bumps in the road on a much bigger journey

Big picture, it’s been steady progress without a hint of sacrifice or suffering

As he says himself: β€œSometimes it feels like I am cheating!”

Very proud & inspired coach over here πŸ‘‹

If you’re looking to make changes, I’d love to help you become the person you want to be πŸ’š


Stay awesome & keep going,



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