Choose Your “Diet” Wisely 💚

To begin, let’s be clear …

NO diet has magical fat-burning properties 🤦🏻

Whilst the marketing might claim otherwise, magical fat-burning diets DO NOT EXIST 🦄

ALL diets burn fat via EXACTLY THE SAME underpinning mechanism

A calorie deficit ⚖️

In a calorie deficit we consume fewer calories than our body requires for activity. This forces our body to seek fuel from internal sources – such as body fat 🔥

(Oh, and muscle too – particularly if we’re not strength training & consuming a high-protein diet)

In this sense, in theory, on paper, all fat-loss diets are equally effective

But the question is …

Are they all equally effective in reality?

Are they bollocks 😂

Most are extreme, aggressive, overly restrictive & hinge on sacrifice

Some even demand suffering & sadness – particularly the cat-food diet haha!

And if we choose them, we might see fast initial progress

BUT “white knuckling it”, “going all in” or “no pain no gain” is NOT a long-term strategy – it’s merely a short-term solution

And if we go down that path, our progress will 100% be short-term too


If the method is unsustainable, the results will be unsustainable too

The best diet for you will be the one that you can STICK TO LONG TERM 👌

The one you can sustain year after year

➡️ Regardless of what your career throws at your
➡️ Regardless of what your social life looks like
➡️ Regardless of your relationships
➡️ Regardless of other life obstacles

From my experience, this means MODERATION – which, in essence, means learning how to be CONSISTENT with the following ⬇️

✅ A moderate calorie deficit – NO crash dieting
✅ Prioritising protein
✅ Prioritising whole / nutritious foods (e.g. wholegrain carbs, healthy fats, lean protein, fruit & veg) – MINIMISING ultra-processed foods
✅ Drinking lots of water
✅ Being compassionate with yourself when you slip – because you will
✅ Navigating & bouncing back from obstacles – because they will happen
✅ Reflecting on & refining your behaviour over time – because no one gets it right 1st time

Make no mistake, learning HOW to nail moderation is a skill – which many find difficult

Finding the perfect fat-loss diet that works for you isn’t a quick fix, it’s a process


Stay awesome & keep going,



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