Building a Bulletproof Fat-Loss Mindset🔥

1️⃣ An achievable plan = a sustainable plan 💥

2️⃣ Be patient! Rome wasn’t built in a day – great things take time!

3️⃣ For sustainable progress, opt for baby steps over giant leaps. Small steps + smalls steps = big changes. Giant leaps are almost always short-term 🙈

4️⃣ Comparison is the thief of joy. Protect your energy & focus on your own journey 🙏

5️⃣ Self-awareness is key if we’re to confidently take control of our behaviour. Self-reflection lies at the heart of positive change. We have to “name it” to “tame it”.

6️⃣ When we can link our success to our future happiness, the fire of our commitment burns brighter and we’re more likely to remain consistent. From my experience, those who are crystal clear on the person they want to be will ALWAYS see more success long term 🧠

7️⃣ Perfection is the enemy of consistency – you DON’T need to be perfect to win this game, you just need to keep the ball rolling… which is handy because life won’t allow perfection anyway! Career, kids, relationships, social life – good luck sustaining “perfection” alongside all that.

8️⃣ Sod “all or nothing” thinking – it’s the health & fitness equivalent of spinning your wheels. Break through the frustration by embracing steady & sustainable progress. Be the tortoise – not the hare 🐰

9️⃣ Obstacles are inevitable. It’s how we respond that will determine our success. Don’t be discouraged by hiccups & blips – they’re normal

🔟 Motivation gets us started, habits keep us going. DO NOT rely on motivation long-term, it’s fickle, it ebbs & flows. If we’re to nail consistency, we need something more reliable 👍


Stay awesome & keep going,



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