Are You Chasing Fireworks? 🎆

Please… stop

➡️ Stop trying to lose a quick 10kg a few months before your mate’s wedding

➡️ Stop creating random deadlines by which you convince yourself you “need” to lose x amount of weight

➡️ Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to lose as much weight as quickly as possible

This is not a “one and done” process ❌

This is not “all or nothing” ❌

And the more you try to speed things up – to lose weight faster, take magical fat-burning pills, or invest in Fit Teas! – the further you drive yourself away from achieving sustainable results

Hear me out, here

Because this is REALLY important

What I’m about to say isn’t sexy, or marketable, or fun, or easy… but it’s the truth

Looking, feeling & performing at your best is a “forever thing”

It never ends

It just becomes who you are

And how you live your day to day life

You will get better at it

It will get easier 🙏

You will get to a point where you don’t have to consciously think about it all the time

But, make no mistake, if you want to sustain your progress, this game never ends

So enjoy it 😁

Invest in the process – find a process that you find fulfilling & sustainable

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed

A new quote I like:

Stop chasing fireworks, and start building a constellation 🌌

Stop chasing quick-wins, and start building a sustainable way of life 💚

If you’re unsure where to start, I can help


Stay awesome & keep going,



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