Are you being a D*CK to yourself? πŸ†

If you were a robot, nailing the plan would be easy

We’d simply programme your brain πŸ€–

Job done

The trouble is, you aren’t a robot, you’re a human …

πŸ’š You have emotions
πŸ’š You have relationships
πŸ’š You have difficult days
πŸ’š You have responsibilities – job, kids etc
πŸ’š You have a busy-ass life

All of these are potential obstacles when it comes to adherence

Shitty days where it all goes wrong are part of the process

100% normal

The issue is NOT that they happen

The issues is how we RESPOND to them

If we beat ourselves up and feel shite about it, we’ll likely be less able for that crucial next step …

Getting back on track πŸ™πŸΌ

Instead, if we draw a line and move on, we keep the show on the road

Be nice to yourself, you’re doing the best you can

The last thing we need is low confidence & self esteem due to arrows we’re throwing at ourselves πŸ˜†

Life fires enough arrows without our help haha

And, remember, β€œgood enough” is ENOUGH when it comes to achieving your fat-loss goals

We’ve just got to be wise enough see the bigger picture πŸ™Œ

You’ve got this

Stay awesome & keep going,


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