An Important Lesson I Learned From Touring 🤘

1️⃣ It’s hard to play bass after a bottle of red wine
2️⃣ Do not trust your band mates
3️⃣ Never fall asleep in the band van (see point No.2 😆)

Haha! All completely true of course, but not why we’re here …

Between the ages of 18 & 22, I toured around the UK & Europe in a metal band

Driving around in our old converted Royal Mail Van we nicknamed “Malcom” …

Living our own version of “sex, drugs & rock n’ roll” – we sure made some memories 🤣

Memories I cherish

Not such a great time for my health & fitness though! 👎

And perhaps not for the reasons you might expect

Ignoring the obvious: service-station food, energy drinks & alcohol 🍔

(To this day, even looking at the black Monster Energy drinks gives me anxiety – you try living off that stuff for a week! 🤢)

My issue was routine

Or, specifically, the lack of it!

Each day was different …

➡️ New town
➡️ New venue
➡️ New people
➡️ New shops
➡️ New vibes
➡️ New restaurants
➡️ New mood (e.g. hungover or not)

With so much chaos & unknown, habits felt almost impossible to create

Order, structure & routine all seemed a millions miles away – and, to be honest, I often yearned for them 😆

I remember feeling totally reliant on three VERY unreliable things:

🚨 My willpower
🚨 My motivation
🚨 My food environment

Three things I didn’t have direct control over

The consequences were obvious: my behaviour became less goal-supportive and my consistency suffered

Slowly… but steadily

Decision after decision – I observed that I was losing control

And I didn’t like it 😕

In fact, the main reason I pulled the plug on touring was that it wasn’t compatible with the lifestyle I wanted to live

You see, my health & fitness are up there with my top priorities

And I simply couldn’t prioritise them with so little control over my life

For me, the moral of the story here is this …

✅ Health & fitness requires long-term consistency
✅ Long-term consistency requires habits
✅ Habits require structure & routine

Boring, but true 😆

If your health & fitness has become a priority in YOUR life, but your struggling to create the structure & routine needed to build habits, then I can help 💚

Afterthought .. I do miss touring a little bit .. maybe I’ll do it again one day haha

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