Get Lean with Routine! 💥

Apologies for the pun 😆 I’m a sucker for rhyme 💁🏻‍♂️ But, seriously … Never underestimate the power of structure & routine when it comes to fat-loss success! 💪✨ If you can weave key fat-loss behaviours into your weekly rhythm (and do so on repeat!) then you’re onto a winner I’m talking about implementing systems …

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Zoom Out: Embrace the Big Picture!

Life’s daily grind can sometimes cloud our view, making it tough see the wood for the trees. We get tangled in hectic work schedules, family stuff, commitments, illness, and wrestle with our inner ‘chimp’ Life’s pesky obstacles can sometimes make it feel like we’re consistently in survival mode and putting out fires Embracing a sustainable …

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Finding Her Body Confidence 💚

Are you tired of carrying around that extra weight, low on confidence, unable to wear the clothes you want? If it’s time to make a change, this GymHippie will tell you that “training with Luke is the best decision you’ll ever make!” 😂 For this first time in her life, she’s actually enjoyed working out, …

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