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DOB: 25/05/1999  MBTI: ISTJ  Zodiac: Gemini  Platform: Online

DOB: 25/05/1999


Zodiac: Gemini

Platform: Online

Ben’s Backstory

Hi there! my name’s Ben

A little bit about me …

Up until I was 18, I travelled internationally with my family – my sister, Mum & Dad. In 2017, after I had graduated high school in Ethiopia, I moved to the UK where I studied Geography at the University of Reading. Both of my parents are British, and I do consider myself British – although I certainly didn’t feel like I fitted in with my peers initially! haha

I was always skinny growing up, and I was a late bloomer physically. I often felt small & weak. This, alongside an identity crisis after moving to the UK, meant my first year at uni was a truly depressing time for me. I knew I needed to make some positive changes in my life.

My solution was to start lifting weights at the uni gym. As I’m sure many will relate, overcoming my body insecurities was the main reason why – particularly around girls. Creating a gym routine helped me find myself during this difficult time. Not only did it improve my mental health, mindset & self-belief, building a strong & shapely physique became a new passion.

At the start, I made all the classic mistakes. I didn’t really know what I was doing! As time went on & injuries mounted, I realised the importance of knowledge acquisition & training smart (as well as hard!). My drive to master the skillset & understand the science of muscle building has inspired me to learn from some of the best in the industry. I love helping people build muscle & get strong.

When I started coaching in the autumn of 2020, I knew immediately that I’d found my calling. Despite the “pull” of more conventional career routes post uni, my passion for personal training & building my own business was unwavering.

I remember the days of being too ashamed to go topless at the beach or to get changed in front of the other people. I remember how it felt. Escaping those feelings has been empowering. For me, there’s no high like empowering others to win battles of their own.

At GymHippie, each day is a school day, and I’m forever inspired to hone my skills & become better at what I do. Guiding my clients towards being the best versions of themselves is something I’ve become deeply passionate about.

Coaching mastering the craft, being the best coach I can be & helping more people

Relationships – cherish the relationships I have with those closest to me

Experiences – experiencing all the beauties life has to offer

Bodybuilding – developing a natural physique I’m truly proud of

Health – nurturing my physical & mental wellbeing as best I can

Personal Development becoming the best version of myself: body & mind

GymHippie – enjoying the journey, growing & improving the business

Ben’s Ice-Breaker Questionnaire


Coaching with Me is Like … refining the process & an emphasis towards training


Fact About Me That Surprises People … I lived aboard until returning to the UK for uni


Green Flags I Look for … a growth mindset and a desire to actualise your dreams


I’m a Regular at … the Oracle in Reading – I love a bit of shopping!


We’re the Same Type of Weird if … you enjoy feeling battered after training haha


My Mantra is … you make your own luck


I Geek Out on … optimal training and biomechanics


Two Truths and a Lie … I love death mental, ex skateboarder, I was 4’ 10” when I was 15


I Spend Most of My Money on … clothes, food & business expenses


Typical Sunday … Training, stroll around town, tidying & prepping for the week ahead

Ben’s Fictional Character: Rick Grimes

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