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GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire
GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

Amazing progress here from a hard-working GymHippie ?? Noticeable fat-loss around the upper arm & tummy – as well as more shape through the glutes ? With a demanding work schedule, convenience & sustainable lifestyle changes have been our focus. Here’s how she did it in her own words ⬇️

1️⃣ A CALORIE DEFICIT ? // consuming fewer calories than our body requires for
activity forces the body to utilise internal fuel resources – typically body fat and muscle
OUR STRATEGY // Meal Plan & Mindful Eating
“I initially started out following Luke’s meal plan quite strictly, but, as I felt more confident with Mindful Eating and the nutritional requirements my body was needing, I felt more able to be flexible with my food choices. I will often use MyFitnessPal to confirm calorie – and, more specifically, protein intake – as I found getting the right balance between proteins vs fats vs carbs quite tough!”

2️⃣ STRENGTH TRAINING ??‍♀️ // to reshape the body and to encourage the burning of body fat over muscle. It also burns plenty of calories!
OUR STRATEGY // x1-3 strength-training session per week w/ Luke
“I love training with Luke! He’s taught me the basics of strength training and has helped me improve both my confidence and safety whilst tackling weights in the gym” 

3️⃣ SUFFICIENT PROTEIN INTAKE ? // to further encourage the burning of body fat over muscle; to aid repair and recovery post training; and to help manage hunger levels
OUR STRATEGY // Meal Plan & Mindful Eating
Asking ourselves the question: “where’s the protein!” at each mean is an easy win here. First choice is lean proteins like chicken, turkey, beef, tuna, white fish – but eggs, dairy, beans, pulses, protein shakes, protein bars are also great protein sources

“I’ve been using the the protein supplements that Luke recommended – like proteins bars & shakes. I’ve also been eating high-protein yogurt (SKYR)”

4️⃣ CARDIO ?(optional!) // to burn BONUS calories towards our calorie deficit
OUR STRATEGY // find something you enjoy!
“I cycle to work and have started to run a couple of times a week (not very far!)”

5️⃣ SUFFICIENT SLEEP ? // to allow time for recovery, repair and growth; to ensure sufficient energy for training sessions & keep our food choices goal-friendly… and to keep us sane! ?
OUR STRATEGY // aim for between 7-9 hours
Depends on my shift pattern but usually 6-7. When I’m tired/busy it is definitely harder to be mindful with eating. If I can predict with my rota when this will happen, I try to meal prep in advance”

6️⃣ PATIENCE ⏱️ // results do not happen overnight – trust the process! ?
“I’m really happy with the progress I am making with Luke ? I want this to be a sustainable life change for me, and so a slow and steady pace is perfect


Stay awesome & keep going! ?

Luke x

GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire
GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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