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GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

LOOK AT THOSE GLUTE GAINZ! ?? There’s 5 weeks & LOTS of hip thrusts between these two photos. They nicely illustrate a phenomenon I call the “BUTT LIFT” – which is essentially where the glutes start lift and become more rounded as a result of glute-focused strength training.

Laying the groundwork to look awesome for of her wedding next year, here’s where this GymHippie’s at with her fat loss & body shaping journey ⬇️ In her own words (mostly!)

1️⃣ A CALORIE DEFICIT ? // consuming fewer calories than our body requires for activity forces the body into utilising internal fuel resources – typically body fat and muscle. This is the single most important factor for fat loss. No calorie deficit, no fat loss! 

OUR STRATEGY // Mindful Eating

“Calorie control – not my forte. I eat relatively healthy, enjoy good-quality food and try to eat as much fruit and veg as possible. However, I’m not really a meal planner. I shop daily for dinner and tend to make the food I want to eat rather than ensuring it’s a healthy option. My downfall with calories is always at the weekend as we’re quite social with friends and family and that often involves alcohol, dinner parties or eating out. I’ve made a conscious effort to make smaller portions over the past few weeks as well as limiting take aways – much to the disappointment of my other half”

2️⃣ STRENGTH TRAINING ??‍♀️ // to reshape the body AND to encourage the burning of  body fat over muscle whilst in a calorie deficit 

OUR STRATEGY // x1-3 weekly strength-training sessions @ Buzz Gym

“I’ve been working on a training programme that Luke provided where I try to increase the weights slowly over time. There are two routines on the programme which stops me from getting bored. Being in competition with myself to lift heavier has also really helped. I’ve really enjoyed having a routine to stick to at the gym instead of just going to classes and not really seeing any progression”

3️⃣ SUFFICIENT PROTEIN INTAKE ? // to further encourage the burning of body fat over muscle; to aid repair and recovery post training; AND to help manage hunger levels 

OUR STRATEGY // Mindful Eating

Asking ourselves the question: “where’s the protein!” at each mean is an easy win here! “I don’t really track my protein intake. However, I make a conscious effort to eat plenty of chicken! I know protein shakes are convenient, but, I have to admit, I find them a little gross! I’m happy getting my protein from real food.”

4️⃣ CARDIO ?(optional!) // to burn calories towards our calorie deficit 

OUR STRATEGY // find something you enjoy! 

I’ve been trying to spin at least once a week, mainly because it makes me feel healthier – but also because it burns extra calories towards my weekly calorie deficit. For me it’s about exercising enough to try and offset some of the more indulgent food that I enjoy!”

5️⃣ SUFFICIENT SLEEP ? // to allow time for recovery, repair and growth; to ensure sufficient energy for training sessions & keep our food choices goal-friendly… and to keep us sane! ?

OUR STRATEGY // aim for between 7-9 hours

“I love sleep! I need at least 9 hours – preferably 10! I don’t have children so this isn’t that hard!”

6️⃣ PATIENCE ⏱️ // results do not happen overnight – trust the process! 

“I’m actually surprised by how much improvement there has been, I’ve been quite patient as I wasn’t really expecting or aiming to see that much of a difference. I’m definitely going to ensure I stick to the programme!”


Stay awesome & keep going! ?

Luke x

GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire
GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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