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GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

Pretty impressive for 4 weeks huh ?? Noticeable fat-loss around the upper arm & tummy ? With a demanding corporate schedule, our focus has been on convenience & sustainability. Here’s how she did it – in her own words (mostly!) ⬇️

1️⃣ A CALORIE DEFICIT ? // consuming fewer calories than our body requires for
activity, forcesthe body to utilise internal fuel sources (i.e. burn body-fat)

Meal Plan
“Meal prepping on a Sunday has changed my work week eating habits for the better! I often work long days and so having my food prepared for lunch and dinner really helps me stay on track. I am less likely to grab something off plan this way. The days I go off my meal plan I do try to track on myfitnesspal to help me stay on budget. I struggle the most with meal plans on the weekend when things are quieter and I have more temptations around me. I often eat out once a week so thats a good treat to keep me going”

2️⃣ STRENGTH TRAINING ??‍♀️ // to shape our body; to prevent unwanted muscle loss
whilst in a calorie deficit; AND to burn calories towards our calorie deficit

OUR STRATEGY // x2-3 strength-training session per week – x1 w/ Luke & 1-2 solo
“Loving the training sessions with Luke, I have always enjoyed strength-training classes like body pump – rather than cardio e.g. on a treadmill – so his sessions are great. Strength training is taking my training to a new level and my body is starting to feel stronger”

3️⃣ SUFFICIENT PROTEIN INTAKE ? // to prevent unwanted muscle loss whilst in a
calorie deficit; to fuel recovery post training; and to help manage our hunger levels (since
protein fills us up faster and keeps us fuller for longer)

OUR STRATEGY // Meal Plan & Mindful Eating
“I aim to have protein in every meal or snack. The best way for me to get enough protein is by having a protein bar in the afternoon when I fancy a ‘treat’! I have also added protein powder into my breakfast a few days a week or as a snack. Since adding more protein to my diet I am less hungry!”

4️⃣ CARDIO ?(optional!) // to burn calories towards our calorie deficit

OUR STRATEGY // find something you enjoy!
“I am trying to be more active in general. I don’t do a lot of cardio but when I do it’s walking or swimming, as well as additional gym sessions trying to copy what I do with Luke! If I know I am eating out a lot I will do a little more cardio to help with the calorie deficit”

5️⃣ SUFFICIENT SLEEP ? // to allow time for recovery, repair and growth; to ensure sufficient energy for training sessions & keep our food choices goal-friendly… and to keep us sane! ?

OUR STRATEGY // aim for between 7-9 hours
“I get 7-8 hours on average. When I am tired I just want to eat food that isn’t on my meal plan and less likely to go to the gym! So I try to get plenty of sleep”

6️⃣ PATIENCE ⏱️ // results do not happen overnight – trust the process! ?
“I’m VERY happy with the speed of fat-loss! I went for the meal plan so I could see results quickly to hook me to this lifestyle change. Its been 2 months and my clothes are fitting differently, pretty much dropped a dress size. Family and friends are noticing it too! I wanted something that is fast but sustainable, so very pleased. Now to keep going!”


Stay awesome & keep going! ?

Luke x

GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire
GymHippie | Fat Loss & Body Shaping Strategies @ Buzz Gym - Reading, Berkshire

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